doublefeatheredswirlGood morning to all early risers; good afternoon to all resting up from a morning of heavy quilting; and good evening to those who can not sleep because they are one of the twenty-one million Americans or millions more abroad who are obsessed with quilting.  Thank you for taking time to visit my website.

Every quilter buys gadgets to better help cut, piece, and quilt.  Each comes armed with rulers, markers and threads galore, none of which succeed in making them better quilters.  What they require is an arsenal of techniques and skills.  These are the building blocks of great quilting.  It is not necessary to have every skill mastered before starting the first quilt.  It is just necessary to have a few to serve as a base to build the arsenal.

Building this arsenal is where I come in.  I love quilting and I love teaching it to others.  This website is dedicated to helping you navigate through problems you may encounter as you learn quilting.  My recent enthusiasm  is computer-assisted quilting. I say “assisted” because I do not do every part of my quilting with the computer.  I prefer to think of it as just one of the many tools in my arsenal.  On the Classes page, you will find my current downloadable lessons for learning Art and Stitch software.  Add to your arsenal today, visit Classes.

This is a new website.  Keep checking back as new items will appear regularly.

Salamanca Stitches is owned and operated by me, Vickie Haskins, a Certified Art and Stitch Teacher, to assist those who wish to learn digital design and long-arm quilting.